May 2nd, 2009

doc savage bust

various updates

In case anybody was wondering, the brief bit of good luck I had for a while has officially evaporated and my year is continuing to get even worse! This is truly remarkable, actually, because I honestly didn't think it could *get* any worse, but there you have it.

I am doing a lot of travel, but I got a nice keyboard and am practicing piano when I can, which is mostly on weekends. So my progress is slow, but hey, I am learning. I can now play "When the Saints Go Marching In," with chords and stuff. Big yay, me! The eventual plan is to work my way up to Tom Lehrer standards, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, but that will be some considerable time in the future.

fandoms that missed their time

[info]liviapenn is fangirling MIAMI VICE of late, which made me think about other properties that would have had big-ass fandoms if, you know, modern online media fandom had been around then.

You know what *totally* missed out on having a huge fandom? LETHAL WEAPON.

Here is how little fic there is: the Pit of Voles has featured a grand total of sixteen LETHAL WEAPON fics in the last *eight years.* And that's remarkable, because it is basically fancandy. Guys love it for the buddy stuff and the action, but there is angst galore in Riggs and there are tons of scenes with the guys expressing their love for one another. Like the bit in LETHAL WEAPON 2 where drug-running South African diplomats put a bomb on Murtaugh's toilet, and he sits there all night so his legs go numb and he won't be able to jump into the bathtub and pull the protective stuff down over him, so Riggs has to stay and help him, and all the bomb squad guys go out and it's just them and they have a bonding session and then Riggs pulls him into the bathtub and they basically hug as the toilet explodes, and honestly, doesn't that sound like fanfic already? And then there's the bit in LETHAL WEAPON 3 where Murtaugh is drunk and Riggs is begging him not to retire because what will Riggs do if Roger Murtaugh isn't there any more, because Riggs is in Murtaugh's *life,* he's so incompetent at housekeeping that Murtaugh's wife Trish has basically adopted him and does his laundry and finds stuff when he loses it, and Riggs is basically in tears.

(There would be Murtaugh/Riggs slash out the wazoo, but I would really love to see Trish genfic. There's a great Trish/Riggs scene in LETHAL WEAPON 2, where she's found a gold pen he lost in the laundry, and the pen is significant to him because it's closely tied to the night his wife was killed in a car crash.)

In case you haven't noticed, I freakin' love the LETHAL WEAPON movies.

It'd be a great Yuletide fandom, actually. And -- *checks yuletide archive* -- it has never been one! Hmm. I'm going to put the Yuletide tag on this, so when the time rolls around I can check and see what fandoms I thought might be good.