June 11th, 2009

cass groovy

good WiP bits

So, who has a WiP that's stalled out that has bits they're relentlessly fond of? Ages back, I tried to write a Bruce/Cass romantic comedy of errors that revolved around ballroom dancing. The plot, such as it was, was thus:

CASS. "Need more martial arts DVDs."
ALFRED. "I am afraid you've watched them all. Perhaps Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers?"
CASS. *becomes ballroom dancing fiend*
BRUCE. "..."
CASS. *tangoes with Commissioner Gordon*
BRUCE. "..."
CASS. *eyebrow*
BABS. "Hey, Robin? Don't go back to the Batcave for a while."

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wonder woman 2

APED: "princess"

Don't wait on princes bearing slippers,
or asking you, let down your hair,
beasts awaiting transformation,
knights in armor, strong and fair,
to rescue you, ascend your tower,
kiss, awaking you from sleep --
childhood's longings hold their power,
but these are dreams, and they can keep.

Don't hide waiting for the woodsman,
Don't dissolve upon the foam,
Don't submit to petty cruelties,
Don't pin your hopes upon a throne.
Wolves will fall to twelve-gauge shotguns.
Belt stepmothers in the teeth.
You're a princess, dear, already.
Sweep the bastards off their feet.