July 14th, 2009

sledge hammer!


The Meatcard Challenge: produce a photograph interpreting one of three Frank Frazetta paintings. Winners announced!

The etiquette of bribery, from a guy who works in personal security. Some other interesting posts there; like corrections officer Rory Miller, whose book on violence I mentioned a while back, the blog's author works in the kind of job where confrontation is a regular occurrence. While he very often carries firearms on the job, he recommends some other items as being extraordinarily useful as defensive tools, most notably the ASP collapsible baton, which the author describes as being very useful when a threat may not be big enough to go to a gun, but is something you need more than bare hands for. Also, they're useful for travelers:

Traveling into unfriendly places that say no guns and have a couple of security "conscious" buddies going along or you just like packing spares of everything? Pack two or three of the 16 or 21 (ooor 26 inch) models together wrap them with rubber bands and pack them with the camera equipment and gosh darn it if they just don't look like a tripod.

Or so I've heard.
unfair to batgirl

APED: "show me somebody like me"

Across the nation tonight, while the moon's shining bright,
folks're staring at that old TV screen.
It's showing them sights, giving joy, giving frights,
like nothing that they've ever seen.
But the things that they're thinking while watching, unblinking,
are not what you think they might be.
On the nights that they stay in, what they're hoping and praying
is, "Show me somebody like me."

Show me somebody like me.
Show me that I'm not alone.
Show me that you think I matter.
Show me. Just throw me a bone.
Show me it's not idle pratter.
Show me we're where we should be.
Show me, oh show me, oh show me, oh show me
Show me somebody like me.

Show me some women. Old, young, middle-aged.
It's not hard, I know that you can.
And hey, while you're at it, let 'em talk to each other
about something more than a man.
Show me a Jew. Hell, show me two.
Show me an Asian man
who's great with the ladies, speaks only English,
and can't do kung fu worth a damn.

Show me some queers, 'cause nobody here
dares admit they're a fag or a dyke.
Brothers and sisters who live for themselves,
and not for the sake of the whites.
Entrepreneurs, and poor workin' stiffs.
A young girl who lives in her van.
Show me a good ol' boy, fat right-wing redneck,
who's not in the Ku Klux Klan.

Show me somebody like me.
Show me you cared all along.
Show me just once what I'm yearning to see.
Show me that my fears are wrong.
Show me we're all that I hope we could be.
Show me I don't need this song.
Show me, oh show me, oh show me, oh show me
Show me somebody like me.