July 24th, 2009

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I'll be damned

A pretty remarkable quote from Harry Knowles, on TWILIGHT fans at Comicon:

After that - the audience went from a female majority to a male majority with the impending awesome that was AVATAR. I do have to say - the snobbery that I've read from some of my fellow online Bloggers - kinda annoyed me, specifically when Devin from CHUD twittered that it was time for REAL GEEKS to get in. I'm sorry. But any film... any audience... that camps out overnight, travels from around the world, to see a glimpse of their Vampire movie stars and a brief glimpse at too short footage. They're REAL GEEKS in my book. They make their own T-shirts, costumes, outfits. They hang on every word, rumor and report. They're real geeks, just excited by the romance of young love and the fantasy of immortality. And that's cool. To see so many truly hot young women at Comic Con... that isn't a shame, that's a goddamn relief! Because at Comic Con - they'll become not real geeks, but BIGGER geeks - and just spending these first several panels with them - well, it was nice. There was a passion and a thrill and energy to the room that was missing when they had gone.

Yeah, he did throw the "truly hot young women" in there, but overall that's a pretty nice sentiment. I figured [info] sharpest_rose would like that.

News flash: I don't like TWILIGHT. As a matter of fact, I think it's pretty poisonous. I hate TWILIGHT for the same reasons I hated Spike/Buffy, and for the same reasons I dislike several varieties of fanfic: it ignores considerations of humanity, characterization, honest storytelling, and above all the implications of everything it sets in motion because hey, man, it's hot. It tells a susceptible audience that romance is the be-all and end-all, it legitimizes behavor that's creepy and repulsive, and it's generally pretty yecchy.

But y'know what? Young people like crap. Not to say they don't like good stuff, but they love crap too. When I was a kid, I honestly believed THE BEASTMASTER and KRULL to be terrific movies. So I don't much worry if I think what they're into is crap; they've got strong constitutions that can recover from poison, and the nice thing about SDCC is that they'll get to see some other stuff while they're there. Maybe that'll get 'em discovering other facets of fandom, other things to be fannish about.

Even if most of them didn't stay to see James Cameron talk about AVATAR.

(girls are you nuts it's JAMES ALIENS TERMINATOR THE ABYSS CAMERON are you out of your teenaged minds? -- HE MADE TITANIC, TOO, ALL RIGHT?!!?)

ETA: Video footage of TWILIGHT fans in their native habitat (alas, not Comicon), Collapse )
sledge hammer!

never has this icon been so appropriate

via gun blog Say Uncle, the FN FiveseveN's capabilities just keep getting more and more impressive:

Authorities have noticed an increase in high-caliber weapons in Los Angeles. One of the most startling incidents was when a Fabrique National 57, an assault pistol used to kill big game, was found in a victim's car by detectives investigating a double-homicide last year in North Hollywood.

"You use it on large lions, tigers and bears," said LAPD Deputy Chief Michel Moore, commander of the Valley Bureau.


*wipes eyes*

This is an FN 5.7x28 mm cartridge.

This is a tiger.

The Deputy Chief of the LAPD is either really ignorant about guns or thinks reporters are. He's right about the latter, anyway; if the article's author knew absolutely anything about guns she would have fallen over laughing. It's pretty much the equivalent of claiming that a 1964 VW bug is what you use to race in the Indy 500.


"Crap, that bear's coming for us! You loaded for grizzly, Mike?"

"Sure! Got my .22 rifle right here!"

"Aw, crap.")

APED: "memory"

I like the idea in this one, but the execution could be better. Downside of doing one a day, I suppose.

remember back. the early things.
the things that you don't quite recall --
you're thinking faint rememberings.
but, no. i don't mean that at all --
i recall cherry tomatoes,
at a wedding, both my first,
like my new suit, plaid and later
stained when the tomato burst.
my great-grandfather, zeyde zeyde --
I don't recall a thing he said
but hear his voice now, strong, unfaded,
as I played by his wheelchair, instead.
they're only moments, but they're crystal.
solid, locked, and strong but still
remembered only as an instant,
the rest was lost, as all things will.
we're young. perhaps we'll live forever.
i wonder, then, if, long from now,
i'll know you as an instant, never
knowing what we had, or how,
or if perchance we're still together,
would we remember how we met?
would our love drift, and come untethered?
or are there things we can't forget?
i wonder who else i've forgotten
who and what i used to love --
neurons fallow, misbegotten --
best, I think, to not think of.