August 5th, 2009

mel gibson

The Smoking Gun pwns Pranknet

Asked about his relationship with Malik, Marquis said, "There is no relationship," adding that he had no contact with the Pranknet founder. He also denied giving Malik money or paying for Pranknet expenses like Skype accounts.

However, Marquis's claim that he is not in contact with Malik is belied by TSG's own computer server logs. Records indicate that Malik immediately shared with Marquis the addresses of stories about Pranknet that appeared on TSG. The stories, which each carried a distinctive url that was created solely for Malik's viewing, were first provided to the Pranknet founder in e-mails sent to his Gmail account ( On three occasions over the last six weeks, within minutes of Malik clicking a link (which recorded his IP address in Windsor), Marquis also looked at the story, resulting in his Scarborough IP being memorialized on TSG's servers.

When confronted with this strange coincidence, Marquis could offer little beyond, "Hmmmm."

APED: "might've-been and might-be"

If only I wasn't who I am,
and you not what you work to be,
and we weren't where we are, or when, why, or how,
then we might well be just you and me.
But I am who I am,
you're what you want to be,
and we are what we are,
God knows why, here and now,
so we're all sorts of things,
more than we know or see --
we're the paupers, and kings,
might've-been and might-be.