August 9th, 2009

pointy teeth

APED: "the monster that's under the stairs"

The monster that's under the stairs
is hungry and hungrier still.
It hasn't struck yet -- or that's what mom says.
So it's hungry, then. One day it will.
And I'm just the right size, from toes up to eyes,
to gobble without any airs --
so when I come down, I always look 'round,
for the monster that's under the stairs.

But I feel kind of sad for the monster
that's gone hungry so many years.
All alone, in the dark, just hoping away --
if it hopes, then it surely has fears.
But monsters are bad, no matter how sad,
so that's why I'm always prepared.
And when my dinner's done, I save the last crumbs
for the monster that's under the stairs.