August 16th, 2009

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a real American OTP

My Twitter review of GI JOE was, "Every time you think GI JOE cannot get any more gloriously stupid and ridiculous, you are quickly proven wrong. Note: not a bad thing."

It's not my GI JOE, but it's a perfectly enjoyable Big Dumb Stupid Movie. The internationalization of the team wasn't handled badly, and while I've found Marlon Wayans really annoying in the past I found him surprisingly likeable as Rip-Cord. The only thing I found a little sad was that the obligatory love stories had Rip-Cord pairing up with Scarlett and the Baroness with Duke; like any good GI JOE fan raised on the Hamaverse, my bulletproof OTPs are Scarlett/Snake-Eyes and Destro/Baroness. So I kept seeing these little Snake-Eyes/Scarlett moments: aww, in the plane he totally put his hand on her shoulder! And they put their arms around each other while getting out of the underwater base!

Is this what it's like to be a slash fan?

Anyway, now I kind of want the fic where my OTPs are all retired and wind up running into each other during family holidays. Scarlett and Snakes' son meets Destro and the Baroness's daughter on a train and they get a flirtation going and then they find out about each others' parents, which is an intriguing surprise to the girl as her parents just never got around to mentioning that whole "international terrorism" period to her. And because their kids get along and they're all at the same resort or whatever the parents keep running into each other and have to make nice, and then fight crime.

Also, I want the parents making awkward conversation over tea while tiptoeing carefully around the fact that Scarlett uses a cane now and suffers from aphasia and chronic pain because, oh yeah, THE BARONESS SHOT HER IN THE HEAD.

(I figure that S&S's kid goes by "Terry O'Hara." He uses Scarlett's real last name because his father *refuses* to use his own real name any more, feels it's cursed, and he's not going to pass it on to a kid if he has anything to say about it. Inasmuch as Snakes says anything. Scarlett responded to this by naming the boy after Snake-Eyes's late twin sister. I AM SUCH A FANGIRL.)
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the awesomest Tom Baker quote ever

If you're a DOCTOR WHO fan, you really owe it to yourself to read the Dr Who Interview Archive weblog, which reprints and links all manner of neat WHO-related interviews from throughout the show's long history. I was going through it recently and found a link to an absolutely *fabulous* interview with Tom Baker; the interviewer was Mark Gatiss, of THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, a fine talent in his own right and an admirer of Baker's who conducts an interview covering Baker's entire career. Tom Baker isn't my favorite Doctor, but after my reading this he may well be my favorite man to have played the part.

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Baker also mentions that of all his roles, "The hardest one was Dr Who, because I didn't know how to be an alien. If you play a hero then you know he's got to win. So I worried if I was alien enough, then someone told me, 'Listen, Tom. You are an alien. You don't have to bare your teeth. You give people the impression that you come from somewhere else. Like you're on day release.'"
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the doomsday warrior gets it on

During my lunch break in the bookstore, I discovered a new entry in the long-running "worst sex scene ever" sweepstakes. From the men's adventure novel DOOMSDAY WARRIOR #2: RED AMERICA, by Ryder Stacy. (There appeared to be at least twelve books in this series; it is set in a Future Occupied America of 2089.)

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APED: "when the revolution comes"

Don't believe the lies they tell,
don't believe they hold the truth;
don't you buy the things they sell.
That's the way they set their noose.

They serve their masters, every one,
a crueler world could never be.
Come revolution, they'll be done:
you'll overthrow them -- then serve me.