September 9th, 2009

tony stark

APED: "shut up, he explained"

You are not a special snowflake.
Shut your mouth and get in line.
No one cares you made mistakes.
No one wants to hear you whine
about the things they also suffer
that make you feel the need to cry
as if your tears could form a buffer:
life is hard and then you die.
Shut your mouth and keep on moving,
do the things you need to do.
What's that? Life has stopped improving?
It does sometimes, you fool. That's true.
Don't inflict your life on others.
You're not a child; don't try to be.
Don't cower underneath your covers --
I'll tell you when this works for me.

short shameful confession

I hate Auto-Tune.

It's dull, annoying, and makes all the music on the radio sound the same. That said, I think T-Pain is a freakin' genius for coming out with an Auto-Tune iPhone app, and I am actually considering getting it.

And recording sea shanties in Auto-Tune.

Seriously, somebody needs to go record a medley of fifties doo-wop with this thing.

UPDATE: Okay, bought. Three bucks. I experimented a little during lunch. Sea shanties and whaling songs may not be the best, as the effect on "Rolling Down to Old Maui" was particularly horrible; a girlfriend once complained about my shanty-singing, but I guarantee her she'd've hated it even more if I'd been using Auto-Tune. Quick-paced Irish tunes might not be too bad, though; the effect on "Finnegan's Wake" was sort of interesting.