December 4th, 2009

cass groovy

APED: "dogs playing poker"

Cassius Coolidge painted dogs playing poker
on trains
in clubs
sometimes cheating

what he told no one
he didn't dare
was that they were painted
from life

it amused the dogs
to be painted
as they really were
and Coolidge made money
selling paintings
as cigar advertisements

he knew
one day they would decide
he knew too much
303 british

potential 2010 Yuletide fandoms

I'm pleased with how my story is coming along for Yuletide, so I'm taking a little break. I'm leaving this post here and tagging it "Yuletide" so I can refer to it when I'm thinking of Yuletide fandoms for next year.

-- ROBOCOP. I meant to nominate it this year and forgot. I think Technician #1 would be a great subject for ROBOCOP fanfic -- she's the eyeglassed woman who keeps Robocop's systems running, and though she's a very small part in the movie she's got a really fun vibe. (She even kisses Robo on New Year's Eve, before he comes fully online.)

-- THE BLOOD OF HEROES. Post-apocalyptic bloodsport, with Joan Chen and Rutger Hauer (and Delroy Lindo, and Vincent Donofrio) beating the shit out of people. Of course I love this movie. I would have totally watched a sequel, and so I guess I'd love post-movie fic about Joan Chen's character, Kidda, kicking ass in a professional jugging league and dealing with the machinations of the evil Lord Vile. Yes. The bad guy is actually named "Lord Vile."

-- Cassius Coolidge, "Dogs Playing Poker" series of paintings. Yes, I am totally serious. I might actually write this one myself as an original, if I can figure out where my vague ideas are going.

-- JEFF REGAN, INVESTIGATOR. This was a great little radio show that met its demise when Jack Webb left to do DRAGNET. I love DRAGNET, but JEFF REGAN is one of the greatest series ideas for a PI show I've ever heard. Regan is a private investigator for a firm run by Anthony J. Lyon, a merciless, selfish, money-grubbing bastard who pays Regan poorly and treats him worse; Regan hangs in there because he needs the job. I love this show for two reasons: 1) it has the most glorious similes ever ("I felt like a test-pilot in a yo-yo factory. Then the string broke.") 2) Regan and Lyon absolutely *loathe* each other, and their relationship is filled with dominance games and barely-suppressed hatred. If it were a contemporary fandom, I expect it would have a ton of slash fic, pretty much all of it non-con or dubcon. It's a *really* nasty relationship. If I asked for it for Yuletide, I'd probably want one about what happens when Jeff Regan finally snaps.

-- THE MALTESE FALCON. I love the book, and mentioned recently that Wilmer is the the character I most feel for in the film; I'd really like a fic that involves Wilmer and Spade -- not a slash fic, but one that involves Spade becoming a bizarre mentor for Wilmer. The gimmick would be that Wilmer keeps trying to be this hard-ass Man-with-a-capital-M, but he's absolutely no good at it, so Spade helps Wilmer figure out what kind of man Wilmer is, and can be. Either post-original, or an AU where everybody goes off to Istanbul to find the black bird.

Notes for next year!

ETA: the world of Charles Bronson, as seen in Japanese commercials for Mandom body powder/cologne.