December 24th, 2009

cass groovy

OMG Yuletide Madness

Current word count: approx 24,000. This includes one story that remains unfinished and unposted as yet. The count will go up a little bit by the end.

In case you wonder why I'm GOING INSANE.

I wound up on the pinch-hit list again this year, but a story written for me is safely in the archive. I have no idea what it is, and look forward to finding out. (If you're curious to see what I asked for, just click on the "yuletide" tag and you'll see my letter come up.)
cass groovy

APED: "this is a song"

is a poem
that doesn't make sense
in the wee
small hours

isn't much
of a recompense
but I
to bring you flowers

is a song
that doesn't look like one
a song
that i'm
singing for you

is a song
and I wrote this one
to show
that I
adore you