December 29th, 2009


In Iran, death by bullet and truck

The Iranian regime is getting brutal again. They're opening fire on, and driving trucks into and over, peaceful demonstrators. The linked page containes video in which people are grievously injured or murdered by agents of their state. As I mentioned some time back, when men with guns fight those without, the men with guns will win. The only hope the demonstrators have is that they can steal or liberate firearms, or that a sufficient number of people with access to them, decide to switch sides. Otherwise, this will just be general repression at best, massacre at worst.

APED: "blood but costs a little"

Tell us we are tyrant kings.
Denounce us, throw your spittle --
but power is worth everything;
and blood but costs a little.

Be civilized, you say. We are.
But that veneer is brittle:
we're naked apes, beneath the stars,
and blood but costs a little.

Come talk of peace, you say. We will.
But we'll be noncommittal.
We'll talk a while, then make our kill,
and blood but costs a little.

Throw us a trial, then. We don't fear,
For we expect acquittal:
for they'll be gone, and we'll be here,
and blood but costs a little.