January 1st, 2010

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yuletide 2009: the reveal post

It's Reveal Time!

2009 was my second Yuletide. All of my Yuletide stories so far, both years, have been over a thousand words. Last year I wrote five stories and around 22,000 words; this year, I wrote four stories, with a total word count of 23,158 words. My number of stories went down but my word count went up, so depending on how you look at it I either exceeded myself or did a little less than last year.

This is what I wrote for Yuletide 2009:

"The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special" (Cable & Deadpool)
"Killing Elvis" (ALIEN series)
"Sam in Casablanca" (CASABLANCA)
"Skill Set" (Disney Princesses)

"The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special" was my assignment. I have the worst luck at pinch-hits -- if I know the fandom, somebody else claims it or I completely miss the pinch-hit mailing -- so my other stories all were written as Yuletide treats. Collapse )
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APED: "titanoboa pop song"

Ages ago, [profile] cyano requested a poem about the 45-foot long fossil snake Titanoboa cerrejonensis. Think of this as a 50s pop song.

It's forty-five feet long and it's comin' to getcha
forty-five feet long from the paleogene
it's the Titanoboa cerrejonensis,
cold-blooded, hot-tempered,
you got no time to scream

well it's big and it's bad and it's snaky and scaly
and it's strong and it's fast and it's powerful too
it's got a broad head and a mighty-long taily
it's rough and it's tough and it's hungry for you


The dinosaurs done, came the Titanoboa
and it squeezed and it squeezed everything that it saw
and it got a good grip on the things that it wanted
it ruled everything and its word was the law

But all reigns have to end, even Titanoboa's,
and it fell from grace and it went on its way
down into a mine and before you would know it
it turned into fossils that we still have today!