January 2nd, 2010

cass groovy

APED: "nightmare"

When the lights go out, and cold creeps in,
and all is silence, dark and deep,
when the wild wind howls, and the doubts begin,
and there's precious little hope of sleep,
when all the fears long stilled arise,
when all the horrors come to stay --
oh, please, my sweet, don't feign surprise.
I'm your nightmare, child. Let's play.

I'll show you things you've never dreamt of.
You'll try to claw them from your head --
the screams, the rent, stilled flesh, and then, love,
I'll leave you shaking in your bed.
Greatest fears and secret horrors --
there's no end to what I'll do.
I'll share my very darkest monsters,
and terrors I knit just for you.

Please be terrified, my darling.
Bite your lip, and wet your bed.
Make this be forever scarring
or when it's over, I'll be dead.
That's the way it's been forever --
we psychic mayflies disappear,
but I'll live on, just, if I'm remembered --
let me live, brat; GIVE ME FEAR.