January 7th, 2010

pointy teeth

a second experiment: the "Killing Elvis" cover

Okay, so I spent odd moments of several days puttering on it (and MAN do I need a new computer), but here's the rendered cover to my Yuletide story "Killing Elvis." I may get around to adding this to the actual post up on AOOO, if I can figure out how to do that. Which I can -- they haven't officially added fanart yet, but there are fancomics up there, so it *is* possible -- but I may not get around to figuring it out for a while.

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cass groovy

APED: "there are happies, ever after"

There are happies, ever after,
but little mermaids turn to foam;
the gravest hearts give way to laughter,
some cats turn king, and don't come home.

Stories end. One way, another;
the ending turns to suit the tale,
Hero, villain, often brothers;
heroes win, but sometimes fail.

A story never sees its ending.
The denouement is often rough.
I've given up on happy endings:
a happy segue's good enough.