January 21st, 2010

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The news has broken that TORCHWOOD is coming to American TV, with Russell T. Davies very actively involved. There's been some fannish concern and speculation about this, much of it in a "what the heck is going on here?" vein. Admittedly, RTD has a lot more time on his hands now that he's not showrunning DOCTOR WHO, but why is he doing this particular thing?

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fandoms as relationships

I don't think I've ever done the "fandoms as relationships" meme. Guess the fandom!

1. You are not nearly as smart as you think you are. Nor are you as pretty as my flist thinks you are. But I don't mind doing stuff and hearing you doing your thing in the background, and maybe I'll look up every once in a while. But seriously, you are dumb and you are not that pretty. [Guessed by Marag as LEVERAGE.]

2. Face it: a lot of the new fans don't really appreciate you at all. They don't care about what you mean or what you have been and are; they only care about a new, pretty face, and they'll play with you a while and then ignore you. But it's still worth it, because maybe a few of them will dig deeper, and realize what a wonder you are. Me, I've loved you all along, and I always will. [Guessed by jamethiel_bane as Sherlock Holmes.]

3. Oh. Yeah. I never mention you, do I? Look, you got me active in fandom, and I'm grateful for that, but the problem with breaking new ground is that people have broken ground after you did. So looking back is kind of weird. OTOH, at your best you were amazing as hell. You won't age well, but oh were you something in your time. [Guessed by cofax7 as BABYLON 5.]

4. You ruined fandom. I mean that: *you ruined fandom.* It's your fault we have this sex-crazed, ship-obsessed scene. I never loved you, but once I halfway respected you. Now I want to travel back in time and hit you with a flamethrower. [Guessed by cofax7 as THE X-FILES.]

5. You broke my heart. I haven't given my love to a fandom since you. I don't love like that anymore. Maybe I can't. [Guessed by Victoria P. as BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.]

6. Hey. How are you? Sorry I haven't called. It's been a while, I know. You've still got a special place in my heart, but you're just doing stuff that I don't much care for. Though you do some things I remain awfully fond of, and we may share space again. [Guessed by Marag as the DC Comics Universe.]

7. You know how fond I am of you I was, am, and always will be, right? Okay, good. You're what a fandom should be, but almost never is. Everything has its time, but there's a corner of my heart that's always that time for you. [Nobody guessed this one. It's MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000.]

8. It ended just when it was getting good. There were times when you were a real mess, but you never quit trying and your efforts, successful or not, were often very interesting. I wish more unsuccessful shows could be like you, because you sure went out with your boots on. [Guessed by jamethiel_bane as TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.]

9. I have a strange, deep, and abiding love for you that I do not entirely understand. And do not fully accept. I don't know if I'll do anything more in your little corner of the multiverse, but right now I kind of wish there was a ton of good stuff out there I could read, God help me. [Guessed by Dafna as Disney Princesses. SHUT UP.]