February 8th, 2010

roy harper

my first IDPA shoot

I have a lot of friends who shoot IDPA. That's "International Defensive Pistol Association," which is basically LARPing for tactical shooters. Instead of just setting up a target and shooting at it, you get an array of targets set up in such a manner as to present you with a tactical problem. Each such problem is called a stage. In a given stage, you have to engage (read: shoot) each of the targets. This involves complex activity, such as 1) identifying targets 2) distinguishing hostiles from friendlies 3) running from one part of the stage to another and 4) reloading. As you might imagine, it is a hell of a lot of fun, and people who shoot IDPA tend to tell their gunny friends who don't shoot IDPA that they really ought to.

Case in point: my friend Vince, who has been nagging me to try IDPA for ages, and so I finally said YES FINE OKAY.

So this past weekend I did my first IDPA shoot, and discovered not only that it is a lot of fun, but if you twitter about running around shooting multiple threats your friends will tweet back asking you what the hell you are getting up to.

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cass groovy

two successive tweets from BreakingNews

First tweet: Italian aristocrat romantically linked to duchess of York killed during boar hunt http://bit.ly/azyCCp

Second tweet: Correction: Italian aristocrat killed at boar hunt was uncle of man romantically linked to duchess of York

All sympathies to his family, but what a wonderful headline. I like aristocrats who do aristocratic pursuits; there should be more attention paid them than the clubhoppers. (A friend mistook him for the boar. Rule Four, folks: know your target and what is beyond it. Never shoot at anything you have not positively identified.)