February 16th, 2010

sledge hammer!

exciting D&D news

I finally got to play my new character Olen in combat! My group is running two campaigns, the primary one being currently on hiatus for the GHOSTBUSTERS RPG from West End Games. The second one I'd had to bow out of for work reasons, but a change in my schedule meant that I could rejoin. I decided to ditch my original character, a Warforged swordmage named Morg, for a new race and class. I'd played the man of mystery card for a few sessions, not explaining who or what I was, and FINALLY this week I got to show off. Of course, I rolled dead last on initiative and promptly got stunned the first round, but then the chief bad guy started to run away just as my turn came.

Dwayne, our DM, has been working hard lately to use atmospheric description rather than mechanics in battle and in skill challenges, and it's made the game very effective and encouraged us to do the same. So I said, "Olen reaches out a hand. You know how the flickering firelight from the burning trash barrels in the alley leaves little bits of shadows cast everywhere? Those shadows coalesce, pool together, and suddenly they're in the form of a noose. It grabs the running guy and pulls him back. 'Get over here!' "

ASH. "Nice!"
BRYAN. "You're Scorpion class!"
ME. *rolls* "Hit. I do eleven damage, and he's pulled back two squares so he's next to me."
FELICIA. "Very cool."
ME. "Okay. Move action. I step forward, toward the guy I just pulled, and I fall into his shadow -- "
BRYAN. "Wait, what?"
ME. "And I come up over here, out of this guy's shadow. So I'm right next to this mook, so if he keeps running, too, I get an opportunity attack. Oh! Also, since somebody adjacent to me got reduced to zero hit points this round, that first guy takes an extra [rolls] eight necrotic damage and I gain eight temporary hit points."
BRYAN. "Holy crap! What the heck *are* you?!"
DWAYNE (DM). "Say hello to the Assassin class."

Yep, I'm pretty happy with Olen, the revenant assassin. (Revenants are sort of a combination between a Time Lord regeneration and James O'Barr's THE CROW -- they're resurrected from the dead, but have a different face and personality than the person they died as.) Olen has stealth and acrobatics out the wazoo, and my character concept is, basically, Batman. I'm looking forward to doing an actual dungeon-clearing -- I want to sneak into a room as the point man and create the maximum havoc and death possible before the rest of the party makes their move.

(Dwayne also has us playing Evil characters in this campaign, for a nefarious reason that we all suspect will involve our normal characters eventually fighting them, God help us. My Evil character is fun to roleplay: Adona of Silesia is a paladin of Bahamut. Yes, Bahamut, the Lawful Good Platinum Dragon god. Adona really should have been expelled from the order, but unfortunately every church official she's been pawned off on has dealt with the problem she poses by kicking her upstairs or giving her an assignment far, far away from any authority that could reasonably be blamed for her actions. She really wants to go back to the capital and preach there, and thinks if she throws enough money at the church that could happen -- and she's willing to do horrifying things to make money for the church, which is another reason her superiors are reluctant to expel her, because Adona's contributions are so substantial that no bureaucrat really *wants* to question them. Her love for Bahamut is undying; it is also all-encompassing, all-abiding, all-pervading, all-consuming, and, some suspect, not entirely nonsexual. Adona's praise of Bahamut's might and grace often winds up digressing into a discussion of the power of his astral muscles and the sleekness and beauty of his scales, and then she trails off into silence before making for the privacy of her room to pray, which she does very fervently, occasionally to the point of low moans.

It is very hard to have a normal conversation with Adona, because she will always bring Bahamut into it.)