April 5th, 2010

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the dehorrifying of the vampire

via [personal profile] voske, I learned of [personal profile] yuki_onna's wisdom on the subject of vampires:

The newest trend among vampires seems to be removing any downside at all from actually being a vampire. Gone are the days of Nosferatu or even Dracula--apparently vampires can walk around in the daylight now, whether they sparkle or not (Being Human, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight), are universally hot (everything ever), functionally cannot be killed and honestly no one even tries anymore, can see themselves in mirrors most of the time, and can even touch crosses without going up like a roman candle (True Blood). There is literally no bad in being a vampire except for the blood drinking thing, and being a vegetarian who only drinks cow blood or whatever is pretty much de rigeur for your modern vampire.

So...essentially you just live forever, right? That's it. You live forever, are super strong, and smoking hot.

And yet these vampires mope around like this is the greatest burden ever borne by preternaturally attractive man. [...] There is no reason to get upset because you get to live forever while not being hunted to death by righteous men, having to avoid delicious garlic, while also having every girl or boy in a mile radius fall madly in love with you. That is not the curse of the ages. That is awesome.


I blame Anne Rice culture for this: it started out with people who felt isolated and outcast identifying with vampires, but if you're going to identify with monsters you don't want life as a monster to have too many downsides, do you? This is why we have werewolves who control the change, and vampires who don't fear daylight. I maintain this is also why zombies are so frigging popular these days: they're the only unalloyed monsters we've got left. Nobody ever wanted to be a zombie, because zombies are disgusting and repulsive, and *that is the entire point of zombies.*

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