November 13th, 2011

sledge hammer!

Yuletide nominations time!

Nominations are open through Monday!

Only three noms per person this year. I decided to go with a theme, and nominate three eighties police fandoms. My nominations are:

ROBOCOP (1987): Technician #1, Officer Anne Lewis, Robocop, Sgt. Warren Reed.

POLICE ACADEMY (1984): Moses Hightower, Laverne Hooks, Larvell Jones, Carey Mahoney

and I briefly had LETHAL WEAPON nominated before realizing no, my heart was somewhere else, and so I deleted that round of nominations and typed everything again, but I changed the last nomination to

SLEDGE HAMMER!: Sledge Hammer, Dori Doreau, Captain Trunk, Gun. (Goddamn right Gun is a character.)

I'll probably ask for Lewis/Technician #1 friendship fic again, and Hightower-centric fic for POLICE ACADEMY (RIP, Bubba Smith). For Sledge and company, I've gotta think about it a bit.

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