December 31st, 2011

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pre-reveal recs, Yuletide 2011

I only had time to write one Yuletide story this year. This makes me really unhappy; I look forward to Yuletide every year because it's so much fun to write for, but this month I closed on my house, and moved stuff, and began working on getting the new place in order, and did stuff for a research project, and and and.

Maybe it's because I couldn't be as much a part of it that Yuletide feels a little different to me this year. There weren't as many stories and fandoms that really sent me, for some reason, and some of even the really good didn't work for me as well as they might have. I know that I'm a bit of an odd duck; in the terminology of John Rogers of LEVERAGE and BLUE BEETLE fame, I tend to like Clever while fandom at large tends to produce more Squee. To me, this somehow seemed a bit like a Squee-heavy year.

I'll do my annual Yuletide stats post later; for now, here are some pre-reveal recs.

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