David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

thoughts on IRON MAN fic

dafnap linked "Proof," which is a really good IRON MAN movieverse fic. It got me thinking. The movie was a lot of fun, surprisingly modest in a lot of its aims, and did an excellent job of presenting the character and his world to the filmgoing audience. Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow did a wonderful job with a part that would be *really* easy to make come off as weak and fawning; instead, she comes off as gentle and a little vulnerable, which sometimes feels a little odd in a character who thrives in high-pressure environments but mostly makes her a good contrast to the hero and an essential part of his support system. (I kind of want her to meet up with Michael Caine's Alfred, so they can have tea and compare notes.)

Everyone is saying (and I agree) how much they loved that Pepper didn't get with Tony at the end! ...so, what is the vast majority of fanfic going to be? PEPPER GETTING WITH TONY AT THE END. Oh, fandom.

In all seriousness, I predict that IRON MAN movieverse fic will at some point lead to a massive ideological flame war, because -- let's be blunt -- with movieverse Tony being movieverse Tony, and Pepper being the one who clearly understands why the two of them getting together would be a Bad Idea, the fan-writer dealing with Tony overcoming Pepper's reluctance is going to have to be really damn careful to not write "sexual harassment, yay!" And I hate to say this, but fandom is NOT THAT CAREFUL IN ITS PURSUIT OF THE HOT. And it seems like nothing really pisses fandom off like conflicts between ideology and what people find hot.

You watch! It'll happen! Until then, maybe we'll get some terrific fic.
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