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OH JOHN RINGO NO: the T-shirt is here

That's right. They're here. GET 'EM NOW.

These shirts are absolutely dandy, folks. The artist/designer is the awesome vito_excalibur, and when her email hit my inbox I went from zero to happy in about a tenth of a second. Look at this:



Want a better squint at that design? Here you go.



People, that is *beautiful.* You may now wear, on your chest, a depiction of the immortal scene in GHOST in which Mike's plans to engage in kinky BDSM/slavery scenes with nubile coeds Courtney and Pam are thoroughly discussed among Mike, the girls, *and the girls' moms.* From left to right: Abigail, Courtney's mother, discusses unconventional uses for gardening displays; our hero, Mike Harmon, is a smug bastard who's about to get laid left, right, and center (again); and Courtney and Pam recoil in utter horror as they find themselves learning more about their parents' sex lives than anyone should ever know. And, of course, emblazoned across the top: OH JOHN RINGO NO. Short-sleeved shirts are in dark red and navy blue; long-sleeve, women's cuts, and plus sizes are in black, because that's about all we're offered. This may be a limited edition, so if you're interested, order now.

Proceeds from the shirts benefit the Helen Bamber Foundation -- special thanks to angevin2 for mentioning this charity in comments to the original post, and to John Ringo for giving the thumbs-up to the project and the charity. The donation(s) will be made in the name of Captain Tamara Long, USAF (1979-2003) -- John Ringo, and his readers, will know why.

Please use comments to tell vito_excalibur that she is awesome.
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