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a rare post on the subject of politics

...so, that Mike Huckabee's an asshat, huh?

Seriously, one of the reasons I post about guns on my LJ is that I think it's important for gun owners to put a good public face on our obsession wallet-destroying vice hobby. And a major part of that is being damn careful about the things we say and the jokes we make. People who don't like us are eager to paint us in a bad light, and the best way to handle that is to not give them any opportunities. It's important to set a good example and show ourselves to be good citizens. I try to keep an even tone online for that reason, even when politics pisses me off. Maybe especially. Because if I don't, not only does that make me look bad personally, but it gives folks something to point to and say, "See? Look at that crazy gun nut there!" I'd rather have people -- all sorts of people, especially folks who may be 180 degrees from me politically -- point to my crazy gun nut posts and say, "Wow, that looks interesting and fun." When y'all hear "gun nut," I don't want the first thing you think of to be some crazed loon. I want you guys to think about dorks like me.

Which is why Huckabee's stupid, failed, unscripted attempt at a joke pisses me off so much. The video shows it: during Huckabee's speech at the NRA convention, there's a loud *thunk* as something falls over backstage. Huckabee jokes that it was Barack Obama tripping over a chair; then he adds that Obama hit the floor when somebody pointed a gun at him. The clip I linked cuts away just after Huckabee's comment, but he sure as hell didn't get a laugh. You can hear the moment of stunned silence -- "Did he *say* that?!" -- followed by the audience murmuring in apparent disbelief and dismay.

I am an NRA Life Member, I own really a lot of guns, and -- I know this will be a shock -- I think Obama's stance on gun control is a) wrong and b) wussy in that he knows it might hurt him with some segments of the electorate and so refuses to admit where he stands and stand up for his opinion. And right now, I'm going to make a rare departure from my even tone and state for the record that I would *love* to kick Mike Huckabee in the nuts. Because for at least a couple of days, when people watching news across the country think "gun nut," they won't be thinking about dorks like me. They'll be thinking about that asshat Mike Huckabee.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled geekdom.

Maybe I will just post a bunch of pictures of my dog.
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