David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Mary Sue meme

1. Go to Fanfiction.net/Search.

2. Search >>> story by summary, Filter >>> Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean and enter your first name in the search field.

3. Post the best (or worst) summaries that pop up.

I thought rather smugly that fandom's overwhelmingly female demographic ensured that I certainly would not find my own name in the summary of a Mary Sue. Unless it was also, say, a David Bowie songfic.

Damn you, Harry Potter!

Most of these are obviously written by kids, so I think that isn't too bad. The summary of the last one (the one in LOTR fandom) squicks me a little, though. Especially since the author professes to be thirteen.

"Harry Potter and the Portal of Time" by legolaspotter.
An innocent looking Graduation present turns into a thrilling adventure for John(Me), Christine, David, Marie, Matt, Justine, and James. Revised chapter one up!!!!

"Winds of Aeolus" by Angel Sari Neko Jeminie Indigo.
Co-write! Me and my baby bro are co-writing. When David and Angel are asked to change the fates of Harry Potter's story, what will happen? Not your ordinary fan fiction! *Complete*

"And To Think This All Started In A Diner" by carol-and-vegeta-forever reviews
David, Carol, Dylan, Craig, anf Colton....are in a diner, harry potter people come and bring them to their world and the 5 kids are supposively supposed to save the world!!!??? BULL!!!!!!!!!

"I Survived You" by Scimitar Nyx.
A young she-Elf is captured by a band of slave-traders. All have pleasure on their minds, except one, David. He plans to rescue her, but ends up tying the two of them even more together. [Slightly AU] [Warning: rape, slavery] [No slash]
Tags: fandom, meme

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