David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Leno guys and Buick guys

I never really dug Jay Leno as a late-night host, or as a comedian, or -- like anybody else who saw that *horrible* buddy-cop picture he made with Pat Morita -- as an actor. Lately, though, I've found myself becoming a real fan of Jay Leno as a writer. He writes about cars for POPULAR MECHANICS, and his pieces are terrific; they're light, but really fun, and he does a great job of communicating his love for cars. Occasionally, he even touches a chord that makes me think.

The most recent column to hit POPULAR MECHANICS's website is a good example:

We went in through the back door to the kitchen, and there was a double sink. One of the sinks was filled with carburetor ­cleaner, and car parts were soaking in it.

Then, I noticed none of the cabinets had doors, and they were filled with carburetor parts from old Buicks, all carefully labeled with tags saying what they were. As we moved throughout the house, Buick fenders, wheels, tires and other stuff were all stacked up.

So I said to the guy who seemed to be the homeowner, "Single man, are you?" He responded, "Yeah, how'd you know? The wife left eight years ago. Now I can do what I want and collect my Buick stuff."

My dad always said, "If you're gonna learn something, become an expert in that field." I always assumed most car enthusiasts were like me. I like anything that rolls, explodes and makes noise. Motorcycles, cars, steam engines, tractors; I love 'em all.

But that's not always true. Sometimes you can be an expert by focusing all of your attention on one thing, like the Buick guys.

It's an interesting dichotomy, and it got me thinking about my fannish modes of operation. I tend to be more Leno than Buick guy. Oh, sure, I'll read a good amount of BATMAN, but when I'm in a comics phase I'll go for everything from POPEYE to SUGAR AND SPIKE to THE ADVENTURES OF REX THE WONDER DOG. I've gone hard-core for SF in the past, but I read a weird variety of stuff; lately I've been reading lots of thrillers. The Leno factor is particularly strong in me with regardto guns, I shoot primarily pistol, but I'm getting more into rifles; within my pistol focus, I don't shoot just one kind of pistol, and I'm not one of those guys who owns just semi-autos or revolvers, or only collects 1911s.

It could be that I just haven't found my magnificent obsession yet, I suppose. But I think I'm a Leno guy.
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