David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

the Clocktower returns!

Just wanted to throw this out there: I haven't seen anybody mention it, but BIRDS OF PREY's latest issue did something that made me extraordinarily happy. THE CLOCKTOWER IS BACK.

Well, sort of; it's not THE clocktower, the one that Babs lived and worked in until it was blown up in the course of a dumb story arc. I was heartbroken when that happened, as were so many fans -- yes, it's nice to have Babs and crew out from under the Bat-umbrella, but... Clocktower! You had to love it; the place was a great Babscave, because its above-ground (waaaaaay above ground) location served to emblematize Barbara Gordon's self-imposed isolation and distance from the world even as it contrasted her with subterranean Bruce. That perfect marriage of character and home turf doesn't happen much. Character-X-drops-by-the-Clocktower fanfic became a glorious cliche for a reason.

That clocktower, alas, is gone. Babs and company have set up shop on the West Coast, in the high-tech setting of Platinum Flats. Naturally, something mysterious is going on. The good news: Platinum Flats isn't far from Star City, which means appearances by the much-missed Black Canary. The better news: Babs has set up a new tech company to bring in some dough and give the Birds a front.

Its name? Clocktower Systems.

There's something great about reading a comic book and getting a gentle hat tip that says, "Yeah, we know you loved that particular something, 'cause guess what? We did too."
Tags: comics, dcu

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