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David Hines [userpic]

woo-hoo! my fandoms made Yuletide!

October 31st, 2008 (04:28 pm)

So, what is the etiquette on this stuff, Yuletide folks? I'll post about it if it's cool. There are at least two fandoms that I will *guarantee* would have come from nobody but me.


Posted by: tried to eat the safe banana (thefourthvine)
Posted at: October 31st, 2008 10:21 pm (UTC)
Yuletide Woot!

You're allowed to say what you nominated (if nothing else, it's a good time to pimp) and encouraged to talk (in your Dear Yuletide Writer letter, if nothing else) about your requests (and, in the letter, why and what those fandoms mean to you). You should never ever say what you volunteered to write or what you got assigned.

So - what did you nominate? And what are you planning to request? I am curious!

Posted by: David Hines (hradzka)
Posted at: November 1st, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
catwoman and holly

My nominations were Doc Savage, George MacDonald Fraser's THE FLASHMAN PAPERS, Terry Gilliam's TIME BANDITS, H. Beam Piper's LITTLE FUZZY, MAN OF THE CENTURY, and APPALOOSA.

I'm probably going to ask for Doc Savage, about whom I've written before. The last time I checked, there was literally one piece of Doc Savage fanfiction on the entire internet, and it was about Doc finding Jesus. Which, y'know, is not entirely out of keeping with the fandom (in a throwaway line in the supersaga RESURRECTION DAY, Doc's aide Monk, the skirt-chasing chemist, reveals a surprisingly strong Christian faith), but it is not exactly the kind of thing I think of when I think fanfic. And there are great characters in the series, wonderful interactions, the kind of thing would be great to see in fanfic. Except fandom does not pay much attention to 1930s pulp adventures, alas.

My second choice is, I think, MAN OF THE CENTURY. I'll just use my standard copypasta: it is just a brilliant, wonderful flick that makes me happy every time I watch it. Co-screenwriter Gibson Frazier stars as Johnny Twennies, an on-the-beat newspaper reporter whose column, "What's the Scoop?" is a major feature in the Sun-Telegram newspaper. The problem: Johnny is out of step with his time; he walks, talks, dresses, and thinks like a character out of late twenties/early thirties cinema, and (hallucinatory episodes aside) occasionally warps reality to suit himself. If something is too out of his bailiwick, he brushes it aside or doesn't notice it; you're more likely to get a telegram from him than a phone call. It works better than you'd think; Johnny deals with the modern world just fine, but the rest of the world has problems dealing with Johnny. This movie is *awesome.* Great supporting cast (RENT's Anthony Rapp as a photographer assigned to work with Johnny; Susan Egan as Johnny's beloved but aggravated girlfriend Samantha, who wonders why he won't sleep with her already; CHASING AMY's Dwight Ewell as Samantha's coworker; and terrific cameos by Frank Gorshin and singer Bobby Short), delightful writing and direction, wonderful cinematography -- look, I can't recommend it enough; go check it out.

H. Beam Piper's LITTLE FUZZY: wonderful, sweet SF novel by my favorite SF writer. It's available for free on Project Gutenberg. A solitary, aging prospector on an alien planet encounters a small furry alien, and finds himself surprised to become the new species's chief friend and advocate, to the displeasure of the company that owns the planet -- or does, as long as no native sentient species is known to exist. I would actually *love* to see Little Fuzzy fic, but I have been longing for Doc Savage and MAN OF THE CENTURY fic for longer. (Though most Yuletide folks will not be familiar with those.)

TIME BANDITS, of course, is Terry Gilliam's brilliant movie with six dwarves (who are would-be master thieves) and one young boy running all over creation using a map that the dwarves stole from God. It's on this list because a while back I was seriously jonesing for TIME BANDITS fic, and even toyed my hand at writing a TIME BANDITS/TORCHWOOD/TEMERAIRE crossover. And yes, it was exactly as ludicrous as that sounds.

George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman papers need no introduction, and I mentioned APPALOOSA a little while ago. I'm not going to ask for Appaloosa fic, but I hope several people write it, because I have predictions of several stories in that fandom and I want to play APPALOOSA bingo.

Posted by: tried to eat the safe banana (thefourthvine)
Posted at: November 1st, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
Yuletide Woot!

Well, I totally can't ask you what you'll sign up to write, but save your signup email, okay? Because I'd be very curious to talk about it with you after the fact. I spent several years trying to game the entry form so that I would get a gen request, and I never, ever succeeded. (The one year I did get a gen request was my first year, when I a) had a fever when I signed up and b) had no fucking clue what I was doing at any point in the proceedings.) The year I thought I did the best, I got a request for "hot het porn," which is so far from my native writing habitat that I think I sprained something reaching for it.

So I guess I'm assuming you'll try to avoid fandoms where you know you'll get a pairing request, and I'm curious to see how you'll do that, and if you'll do a better job than I did. (You could hardly do WORSE, after all.)

Oh, and I've read Little Fuzzy. Your other nominations are all unfamiliar to me, although now I want to see Man of the Century.

Posted by: David Hines (hradzka)
Posted at: November 1st, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)

HA. I am going through the fandoms carefully. "I can write gen or romantic het; what fandoms will maximize my chances of getting a request for that?"

...I'll let you know how it pans out.

Posted by: Don't call me Shirley (dorothy1901)
Posted at: November 1st, 2008 12:55 pm (UTC)
Doc Savage fanfiction

The last time I checked, there was literally one piece of Doc Savage fanfiction on the entire internet, and it was about Doc finding Jesus.

There's also Pat Savage in 'Bronze Lust' by Pulp Fan, which is NC-17, at least. Maybe NC-30.

Posted by: David Hines (hradzka)
Posted at: November 1st, 2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
doc savage


Looking around, I see that a few other stories are out there. There's Death's Domain, an unpublished would-be tie-in by Paty Cockrum, and there's a fic called "The Steel Hammer," by Dave Taggart, unfortunately accessible by Googlecache only due to the loss of AOL Hometowns (which plagues many old Doc sites). The Doc fic that was, for ages, the only one online, was "Bronze Refined As Silver, by Mark Eidemiller.

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