David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

random medical rant

There is absolutely no reason for most drugs to require a physician's prescription.

I can see a case for antibiotics -- too widespread use reduces their efficacy for everyone. I can see a case for serious narcotics. But for Chrissake, *asthma* meds? I am asthmatic. I have been asthmatic all of my life. The basic drug for controlling asthma is the albuterol inhaler. There are other drugs, preventatives, and I use them -- but the *basic,* the absolute basic, is the albuterol, because if you don't have it and you have an asthma attack you are fucked. I know what drugs I need. I know what drugs I will *always* need. There is no need whatsoever for me to need a doctor to call in a prescription for me. I should be able to buy albuterol over the counter.

(And while I'm on the subject: the new, CFC-free inhalers suck donkey balls. They don't work *nearly* as well as the CFCs. And they're more expensive. THANK YOU SO MUCH, FEDERAL LAW.)
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