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Dear Yuletide pinch-hitter

Wait. First:

Dear Yuletide Author:

Augh! You defaulted. Don't worry; just so you know, I'm not mad. I know what it's like to have stuff get in the way when you're trying to write for a challenge. And let's face it, I threw you a big ball of suck. The two fandoms I had detailed suggestions about are the most obscure ones ever for Yuletide, I think, and the other two I didn't give you much in the way of ideas on. I know my pinch-hitter is on the case, but if you've got a story that's close to ready, please finish it up and post it anyway: I would think it awesome of you -- and c'mon, when're you going to write a story in one of these fandoms again? Go for it!

Dear Yuletide Pinch-hitter:

Hi! WELCOME TO HELL. I can't imagine why you claimed my assignment. Two insanely obscure fandoms and two with nearly non-existent prompts. Thanks for stepping up anyway. If you click on the Yuletide tag, you'll see my original Dear Yuletide Author post, in which I talk about the kind of fic I like and what I would love to receive.

So. Um, I realize that MAN OF THE CENTURY is a highly obscure (but brilliant!) movie, and you not only haven't seen it but odds are it's not in your local video store. And Doc Savage has 181 novels of canon, so if you aren't familiar with the Man of Bronze and the Fabulous Five, it'll be hard to catch up (but oh, look, several Doc Savage novels are up on rapidshare as text files for a very limited time with a maximum of ten downloads permitted. I CAN'T IMAGINE HOW THAT HAPPENED, but anybody who's interested should wait a day or two to allow the pinch-hitter to make use of the opportunity. "The Man of Bronze" is the first; "The Polar Treasure" is a great pulp adventure; "The Man Who Shook the Earth" has one of the best openings of any of the series, with a great part for Col. Andrew Blodgett "Monk" Mayfair); Pat Savage appears in "The Annihilist," "Spook Hole," and "I Died Yesterday," narrating the last; and "The Freckled Shark" is a comedy with an unexpected look at Doc.)

TIME BANDITS is awesome, and your local video store *does* have it. My favorite bandit, as I said in the earlier post, is Randall; my favorite scene is where the film has temporarily run out of money and so he and Kevin have their talk on board the Titanic. A heist gone wrong would be great, but plotty is hard on short notice (at least for me; dunno about you) so I'd be quite happy with a character piece about Randall reluctantly and begrudgingly coming to give a rat's ass about Kevin. He's not Sean Connery's Agamemnon and never will be, but he's wound up as Kevin's father surrogate even if he doesn't want to be.

LITTLE FUZZY is available on Project Gutenberg, if you haven't read it. I'd like a Jack Holloway/Little Fuzzy genfic, because the relationship between those two was always my favorite part of the books. I like guns, and in one of the books Jack was talking about making a rolling block rifle for Fuzzies, so you could probably get something funny and cute out of that -- the two of them going camping to try Little Fuzzy's new rifle out, or something. But really, anything'll do. I'm happy to have other characters show up -- Ruth Ortheris would be especially welcome -- but I'd really like to see the two of them getting away from the chaos of running Fuzzy-related affairs and just getting to have some quiet times together. Er, as quiet as they can be when Fuzzies are involved.

Thanks again for stepping in. I really appreciate it.
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