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It's my first time participating in Yuletide, and I was lucky enough to receive two stories. Note to self: when picking obscure fandoms, pick ones that people can readily find canon for. Both of the stories I got were in the fandom whose canon was on Project Gutenberg. But that's just fine! Because it means that I got two delightful fics for H. Beam Piper's LITTLE FUZZY. And really, I feel like I got three, because somebody else requested it so there are actually three LITTLE FUZZY fics on Yuletide now. And they're all dang good.

Lemme tell you about my two stories. My Yule Goat wrote "Home." And it's amazing. It is wonderfully written, touching and sweet, but that's not all: it feels like real H. Beam Piper at his most heartwarming (which Beam didn't do all that often; he saved it for the fuzzies). The opening paragraph sold me:

Some things in life, Jack Holloway mused, you didn't appreciate until they were gone. Other things, you didn't realize how badly you needed them until they were there. Sure as the sun rose, fuzzies were one of the latter, and he'd wager a sunstone or two that Little Fuzzy hadn't realized how much he needed a Pappy Jack either.

That's Beam Piper, dead-on, especially Jack's sunstone wager. And it's Jack Holloway dead-on, too. The story is short and sweet, with amusing and adorable fuzzy antics and wonderful little details, and then it has a conclusion that just melts your heart. I didn't know what to expect out of Yuletide, but the last part of this year has been very rough on me and this was *exactly* the story I needed.

And I got *more.* I also got a delightful treat in "Not a Birthday," which sees Jack and Little Fuzzy celebrate the anniversary of their time together by getting away from it all for a little bit. Little Fuzzy gets a wee rifle of his own and promptly sets about killing cans and teaching other fuzzies how these things work. It's a delightful scenario, especially for a gun nut like me, and the story does a great job of capturing the way Little Fuzzy and Jack talk to one another. The party at the end really feels like the kind of cocktail party Beam Piper was fond of writing, and Jack's use of Little Fuzzy as a conduit for technology is *totally* Piperesque.

As if that wasn't enough, Gritkitty requested a fuzzy adventure story, and got Friends in Need, which makes great use of the Fuzzy language and really feels like a LITTLE FUZZY sequel. So it almost feels like I got three presents! I'm really glad that Gritkitty requested Fuzzies, too.

As for my Yuletide contributions: as I said, this was my first Yuletide. I kind of went a little nuts. Final reckoning: five stories, [word count to be restored after contest is over!] words. ...yeah. I think three of my stories turned out really well, so that's not a bad batting average.

Recs are forthcoming. Right now, I'm diving into the archive with cries of "OMG Yuletide!"
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