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First Yuletide recs

Buckaroo Banzai

Buckaroo Banzai and the Floydada Scuffle

So dead-on it's *scary.* If you've read the film novelization by Earl MacRauch, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The author nails Reno Nevada's authorial voice -- tantalizing digressions and all -- but also does a brilliant job of making this the kind of story that really *feels* like a Banzai caper, complete with squirt guns, tinfoil helmets, and -- yeah, just read it. Every so often you find a fic that has an opening paragraph that just nails it, and BBatFS has one:

"The thing you need to know is, before Rawhide was Rawhide, he was getting himself expelled from Texas Eastern Community College for reinventing calculus from scratch. Turns out they don't like that in Composition 101. I told him he should have majored in math, but Rawhide listens to three people: Rawhide, Rawhide's momma, and Buckaroo Banzai."

Hell yeah.

The Blues Brothers
And You'll Glitter Like the Stars at Midnight

This is the Blues Brothers fic I didn't even think I wanted -- seriously, if you'd asked me if I wanted Blues Brothers fic I'd have blinked at you and said, "Bwuh?" But it's friggin' amazing. Jake and Elwood in the orphanage, and their relationship with Curtis -- and man, Curtis is remarkable here; the author's done a great job of drawing the early relationship he has with the boys. Great Jake and Elwood as well. An absolute must.

Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog
Because Resurrection Is Easier Than Finding A Date Through Villainmatch.com

There's a lot of Dr. Horrible fic this year, but this is the one that really works. Dr. Horrible has a plan to bring Penny back from the dead, but political wrangling within the ELE causes him problems he hadn't planned on. And he's never really thought about Penny as anything other than the fulfillment of his dreams, so that's a problem right there. One of the sentences uttered by a character in this is at once vulnerable, heartbreaking, and TERRIFYING.

The Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To Spider Jerusalem
TRANSMETROPOLITAN is a work that I have a love/hate relationship with. If I'd come to it when I was in high school -- er, if it had *existed* when I was in high school -- it probably would have had Great Significance and Meaning to me; coming to it older and more jaded, I can enjoy its brilliance at the same time as I'm disappointed its rather sadly predictable ideology. Much of the series is truly remarkable stuff, and it's a little sad that Ellis uses his glorious setting and batshit insane characters for... a haircut of fucking Watergate. Ellis's ending paints Spider as on the side of the angels, whereas the parts of the series that ring most true to me are the ones that paint Spider as being on the side of Spider, and the political slant undercuts that. Yes, Spider's an antihero, but he's a left-wing anarchist antihero, and so therefore his political crusades must naturally make the world a brighter, finer, cleaner place. Feh, I say.

Er, sorry, I digressed. But "The Worst Thing that Has Ever Happened to Spider Jerusalem" does a great job of nailing the setting and the character dynamic, and it's a terrific illustration of Spider and his filthy assistants. The dialog is spot-on, and if you dig Transmet you should totally check this one out.
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