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Yuletide recs 3

More Yuletide recs!

"You Weren't Born a Killer (But You Can't Tell That No More)" (3:10 to Yuma 2007) has some nice writing; it's one of those stories that doesn't really make sense unless you know the canon -- you don't know why the last bit is significant -- and one anachronism in the dialogue threw me out a bit. But the flow of it is quite nice.

"Stuffing Day" (Alien Nation) uses to good effect the show's trope of having Tenctonese traditions appear slightly ridiculous at first and then turning out to be remarkably touching.

"Sundae Blues" (Blue Beetle) -- c'mon, it's Blue Beetle fic. Love Milagro and Jaime.

"33° 35' N, 7° 39' W" (Casablanca) is one of those fics that I characterize as a portrait, rather than a story, but it's a really nice character portrait, of Victor Laszlo and Casablanca both.

"A Week Off Spent in Lawndale for the Celebration of Key Religious Events: (Daria) is unusual in Daria fics. Most hang-out-and-snark stories put Daria in some situation with Jane, as did the show; this one puts her with Jodie, and their conversation makes for an interesting dynamic. Plus the lines are good:

"So what about you?" Jodie asked. "You mentioned a job in your e-mail."

"I work in the campus library." Daria said flatly. "I reunite books with their allocated shelving."

"That sounds productive."

"It really isn't. As soon as I put a book back in its place, some moron feels the need to go and borrow it. It's a never ending cycle."

"If only there were some way to keep people from taking such valuable resources and using them," Jodie replied.

"The world would be a better place," Daria agreed.

That's *totally* Daria.

"Wandering" (Dark City) is really terrific, and captures the Dark City vibe perfectly.

"The Show Must Go On" (Galaxy Quest) is now my #2 Galaxy Quest fic ever, and that is no mean feat. This is absolutely terrific. It's the Mirror, Mirror episode, which is a brilliantly obvious idea that nobody has ever gone for. And it's gorgeously played.

"Gimlet, No Bitters" (Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe) is one of the few stories this Yuletide that reads so much like the original canon that it's a little frightening. This is really surprising, because "Gimlet, No Bitters" is *explicit slash.* But it's very Chandleresque porn, and it reads like the kind of sex scene Chandler might very well have written if he wrote that sort of thing.

"Holy Thursday, Day of Judgment" (Sarah Connor Chronicles) is a really good bit of Derek telling John about Derek's own Judgment Day, with great characterization on Derek and John, and strong original (or semi-original) characters in the form of wee!Kyle and Derek's mom Anna. The fic moves very well and the action is really well done.

"The Adventure of the Expert Cracksman" (Sherlock Holmes) is really good from the get-go. The hardest thing to get right -- at least, one of the things people writing Holmes stories rarely get right -- is the way Watson picks up on and facilitates Holmes's deductions, and the way his association of Holmes gives him at least modest insight into Holmes's methods and the application thereof. This story nails it.

"Alone Time" (Bujold's Vorkosigan series). Everyone else has recommended Miles freaking out over his parents flirting. Why not me?
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