David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

the good news for today

Remember how I mentioned that the site I'm working has a plethora of animals, from pigs to rabbits to snakes? Yesterday, when we untarped for the first time after the long weekend, the rabbit took off running.

But it left three little somethings behind.

We put a chair over them to make sure nobody stepped on them and threw a tarp over that for shade. The mother didn't come back while we were there, but when we untarped this morning she came running out again, so she's going back to care for them once the big two-legged things leave for the day. I guess that explains why she dug her den there and why she kept coming back even after we started digging -- she was getting ready for the little ones.

Things have been rough for me lately, as I may have mentioned -- the string of misfortunes, small and large, is becoming comical at this point -- so it's a relief to take a break from work every so often and look at three little bunnies snuggling down or crawling over each other or nibbling on their own wee toes.

Ain't they the cutest?
Tags: critters

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