David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "deep in the darkness"

Deep in the darkness where nobody dwells,
deep past the cellars, deep past the wells,
deep past the miners so far underground,
deep past the fossils, with no light or sound,
is the hole that I live in, in dark and alone --
well, not so much now. Not since you're all my own.
I crept from my hole, oh so stealthy and sly,
up past the fossils and up past the mines,
up past the cellars and up past the wells,
up to the land where the pretty folk dwell.
The land that I fled from, those long years ago --
they shunned me and feared me, so I just *had* to go.
But last night I sneaked back, while they all were asleep
and covered your mouth, so there wasn't a peep.
Oh, they might be sad, but just for a while --
Surely they won't miss just one little child.
Now, I know you're afraid, but you just shouldn't be.
They lie about this place up there, believe me.
They said I'd be lonely, but now I've got you.
They said I'd be hungry, but lichen makes gruel.
They said I'd be cold, but I'm snug in my grime.
They said I'd go mad, but we all do in time.
They said there were monsters, but *that* isn't true --
WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?! Did YOU hear it, too?
Tags: a poem every day
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