David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

ah, sweet victory -- wait, what's that sucking sound?

So, the first big D&D campaign we ran ended last night. We fought the big bad guy, foiled his ritual to unleash an alien dimension on the game world, and were getting ready to run out before the building did the traditional implosion. Except guess who got sucked into the dimensional portal? ME. Apparently, if this happens the module says you are officially supposed die. But the party had no time to escape and so charged in after me, presenting our DM with the choice of a Total Party Kill or giving us an adventure in another dimension. Which is par for the course for how we play. We're pretty much The Gang That Couldn't Roll Straight. If things can go wrong, we will figure out a way to make it worse than the DM has anticipated.

My favorite example involving me: We hear faint goblin voices on the other side of a closed door. This, we figure, must be enemy barracks. It seems like a natural for a surprise round. So Ash and I, who play dwarf cousins -- he's a fighter, I'm a cleric -- kick open the door and burst in with loud cries of "The dwarves are upon you!"

...and find ourselves facing an empty fifty-foot corridor, down which we have to run in order to get up to fighting range before the enemies we've just alerted have time to grab their longbows and turn us into pincushions. Whoops.
Tags: dnd

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