David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "there ain't time"

Once I had me an ambition.
I'd grow up and read every book.
And when I was thinkin' about it and wishin',
here's how I thought it would look:
I'd go to a great big library
with books stacked in towers like trees.
And some books I'd sit with, and others I'd carry,
and take in the task at my ease.

It didn't work out like I thought.
I found out what most people find.
Sure, I did my best, but the older I got,
the more I fell further behind.
So I've thought about it, here chewin' my gum,
As the wheels in my head turned and turned.
I've thought real dang hard, and I've scratched my head some,
And this is the one thing I've learned:

There ain't time to read every book.
There ain't time to sing every song.
There ain't time to look at all that's worth looks.
'cause soon we'll all be movin' on.
There ain't time to meet every person.
There ain't time to shake every hand.
There ain't time to love every woman.
There ain't time to love every man.

We ain't got that long, when you think it.
And there's so much to do and to see.
You can see it and sniff it and eat it and drink it,
but you ain't got enough time to be.
And they're makin' new things, makin' more all the time,
you can't catch up if you try.
Your favorite poem, with your favorite rhyme,
might come the day after you die.

But don't you be sad. Just think what that means.
You've loved lots since you first knew the word.
Well, since everything what you've gone through just ain't beans --
Your favorite song, you ain't heard.
And your favorite book, you ain't read.
Your favorite movie you ain't never seen. Your best friend's someone you ain't met.
Maybe you'll find 'em. Maybe you won't.
But you'll never know till you try.
So you best be gettin' a move on, my friend.
'cause you never know when you might die.

And here's one last thought that I try to allow
on the bad days, when I'm feelin' blue:
maybe somebody's makin' my favorite thing now.
And maybe that somebody's you.
Tags: a poem every day

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