David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

neat inauguration pic

An inauguration photo you can pan, scan and zoom. It's pretty neat to zoom really tight in on somebody in the crowd, and then pull back, and back, and back.

Also, you can see amazing detail on the crowd behind President Obama -- President Bush is caught mid-applause, as are Vice-President Biden and a number of other folks, and Dick Cheney, who's next to Bush in a wheelchair, has a fantastic look: like a cross between Toht from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and FDR. It's great fun if you're into people-spotting, or if you're in the mood for the world's most fiendish game of "Where's Waldo." According to the photographer, if you keep an eye out you might spot Yo-Yo Ma taking a picture with his iPhone.

Here's the photographer on how he did it.
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