David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines


So I had stuff in storage for a while. I vacated the unit on January 31, the day my paid period ran out. I notified two people of this. One in the lot, one in the office. Then I went home.

This week, I got a call at work. A woman from the storage facility.

WOMAN. "Hi, David Hines?"
ME. "Yep."
WOMAN. "I'm calling about your storage bill --"
ME. "I vacated the unit on the 31st. I notified two of your personnel."
WOMAN. "All right, thank you."

The next day I got an email about the storage bill. I replied, repeating what I'd said on the phone the day before, *noted* that I'd said it on the phone the day before, and asked that receipt of the email be acknowledged. No reply. Then, today, I got ANOTHER call. From the same woman who had called before.

WOMAN. "Hello, I'm trying to reach David Hines."
ME. "You got him."
WOMAN. "I'm calling about your storage bill. It's overdue."
ME. "Okay. I *vacated* the unit. I did so on January 31st. I notified two of your personnel at that time that I was vacating the unit. I told *you* this when you called me earlier this week. I told you again in email the next day, when I was emailed another non-payment notification. Apparently I have been insufficiently clear: I VACATED ON JANUARY 31st. I NO LONGER HAVE THE UNIT."
WOMAN. "...I'm sorry. I'll make sure that's corrected."
ME. "Thank you." *hangs up, drafts letter to corporate offices*
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