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I can't even think up a fitting subject line

A few years ago, a guy named Muzzamil Hassan formed Bridges TV with the idea of promoting a positive image of Islam. The initial press was positive; the results were, to be charitable, unfortunately mixed. Still, he kept going, as the Bridges TV CEO.

Unfortunately, he didn't work too well on promoting a positive image for himself: his wife recently moved to divorce him and filed for an order of protection. It required him to be out of their house as of last week.

So he cut her head off.

This is, for me, a "holy shit" story: the crime is so appalling that you can't feel anything but horror. But the irony is really disturbing, too. If he'd shot her, hit her on the head with a golf club, the crime would be terrible, but it wouldn't have the same connotations. Because the people most associated with beheadings today, aside from lunatics, are Islamist fucktoons. And when Muzzamil Hassan decided to kill his wife, he picked an Islamist fucktoon way of doing it. Counterproductive, to put it mildly. I have no idea if the man honestly believed in what Bridges TV was ostensibly trying to do, or if he was an Islamist fucktoon all along, but my guess is that Bridges TV is not coming back from this one.

(Bonus: the article has one of the single stupidest quotes I've read this week, courtesy of Erie County DA Frank A. Sedita III: "Obviously, this is the worst form of domestic violence possible." No, Frank, YA THINK?!)
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