David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

recurring nightmare is recurring

So, last night I had a weird dream. It started out like some kind of garage simulator, not played by me. I think before that I was dreaming about watching a DVD commentary with John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer -- or was it Julia Roberts? -- talking about some movie they did about an intense sexual relationship. Except it wasn't an erotic thriller or sexy character piece; the sex was so insanely ludicrous and over the top that it was really jarring, like one of those bizarre Japanese porn comics where you go, "Wait, this is somebody's fetish?!" Lots of flying bodily fluids, pregancy fetish, sex during/immediately after childbirth, all that stuff, to the point it basically turned into the Hollywood attempt to make a movie out of "The Aristocrats." -- they did, of course, but I don't mean the joke, I mean the actual *family act.*

Anyway, then it turned into this guy who was watching that DVD and shut it off, because WTF, and started trying to play a garage/monster truck/demolition derby simulator. Once he created his project and built it in the car editor and clicked "GO," the dream wound up inside the simulator -- except now it wasn't a car thing, it was cage fighting. Or no-holds-barred, at least; there was a ring. The dreamself transitioned back to me, and I was watching this. The guy in the ring was a major heel, and professional wrestler Rob Van Dam showed up ringside to yell at him. During this, the heel's opponent grabbed the back of his head and slammed him to the ground. The heel got up and spit out a tooth.

This triggered my recurring nightmare. It is not a hard nightmare, but it is a stress dream that I have a lot: basically, my teeth break in my mouth in really bad ways. Like, *cracking in half* bad ways.

Apparently my brain figured it had been a while since I had this dream and was due for a reminder of how grotesque it was, because at one point I spat tooth pieces into my hand and discovered that I had just spit out *my entire right maxilla.* That was just too ridiculous, so I felt around in my mouth with my tongue, found teeth were still there on the right side, and realized it was a dream.

Wow, brain, points for grotesque.
Tags: life, wtf

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