David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

I would be scared to do this

Short shameful confession: I have never done jack with RSS readers. I do everything the old web browser way. (I'm very conservative technologically, in some ways; until about four years ago, the web browser I used most often was lynx.) But since I caved and pre-ordered a Kindle 2, I'm looking into using RSS feeds with it. Kindlefeeder looks like it's about to become my new best friend; I plan on paying to subscribe to some newspapers and blogs, because Amazon makes that very convenient and reasonably affordable, and I believe that such a wonderful service should make gobs of money. But there are lots of things I follow that aren't subscribable by Amazon. Which makes Kindlefeeder glorious -- it lets you build your RSS feeds and then *wirelessly delivers the content to your Kindle automatically.* There's another service, called Feedbooks, that does something similar, but you have to trigger it manually; this one, you can set to pick up your feeds at a specific time every day, and you've got tons of stuff to read whenever you're ready to go. This promises to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

But this isn't a Kindle post -- they're not delivering the thing for at least another week. No, this is a post of terror: I was looking around for RSS-related stuff, and found a blog post by a marketing guy who uses Google Reader to keep up with his RSS feeds. What's terrifying? GOOGLE READER KEEPS STATS. He knows how many articles he's read, starred, emailed, what days of the week he's read the most, what *times of day* he's read the most -- it's truly frightening. Mostly because I shrink in terror at the thought of what my stats would look like. Oh, God, the shame.
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