David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

writing update

The novel is in limbo for the time being -- having, as I do, actual *work* -- but my evening writing hours are being spent on the Friday the 13th fan script. I'm shooting for a hundred pages, and I'm about halfway through at this point. Verily, bodies are falling. It's surprisingly fun to write, though I'm not sure if the result will work out, as it's a very different take from the previous films and the recent remake. (For one thing, it's Undead!Jason, rather than Hillbilly!Jason, because that's the Jason Voorhees *I* grew up with, dammit.) I think the pacing of the kills, in particular, may require some reworking -- rather than a pure "Jason slaughters nubile teens" approach, I'm making it in some respects more of a psychological thriller, which is a real departure. Not that Jason isn't slaughtering nubile teens; he totally is, left and right, but a large part of it is about how people, one person in particular, deal with Jason's slaughtering nubile teens left and right. Basically, I'm taking a standard Friday the 13th scenario and dropping a big character actor part into the middle of it. But that means that there's more time before kills, and more time between kills, at least early on, which may not play all that well in a Friday the 13th story. Have to take these things into consideration, you know.

The big accomplishment today: I've written in my friends Denise and Ash, cruelly depicted them as sex-crazed morons, and had them gruesomely killed by Jason. It's a tribute to the depth of their love. Really.
Tags: screenwriting

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