David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "good girl"

Daddy, do you love me?
My dear, of course I do.
Each night I prayed you'd be along,
as I worked to make you.
I worked so hard. It took so long.
It does, for something new.
I love you. My good girl. Don't you see?

Daddy, how'd you make me?
My dear, with love and tools.
A sculpt, each little gene by gene,
and cybernetic jewels.
Some men said it was obscene --
we're well rid of those fools.
I made you. My good girl. Don't you see?

Daddy, do you need me?
Of course, my sweet anointed.
That's why I gave you fearsome claws,
and long legs thrice jointed.
The sharpest teeth, the strongest jaws,
the tail so long and pointed.
I need you. My good girl. Don't you see?

Daddy, why'd you make me?
You'll know before too long.
This moon is cold. It has no air.
But it's where you belong.
The enemy is stationed there,
A hundred thousand strong.
Kill them all. My good girl. Now you see.
Tags: a poem every day
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