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that script thing

Evening writing is still going well. Up to eighty pages, so only twenty to go. Parts I like, other parts don't do much for me -- annoyingly, the bits I like the most are the bits that are *least* like a FRIDAY THE 13th movie. I think the kills are pretty good, but I think my major character is the best one, and unfortunately the nature of a FRIDAY THE 13th story dictates that she's much less the focus after a certain point. It might be that the gimmick simply can't be readily reconciled with a traditional FRIDAY THE 13TH story. I guess I'll see after it's finished.

I do think some of my other characters come off pretty well, and I do like how the "Final Girl" bit comes out. So if it's a failure, it's a failure with some interesting bits.

I think that's a difference between my younger self and me today: ten or twelve years ago, I was convinced that everything I wrote was absolutely great, even if it was really shit. Now, I fully realize that I am capable of writing shit, but it's not traumatic; if my writing fails, I can still see the result as interesting, or at least educational. Not that I wouldn't prefer to write great stuff all the time, but if I fail, it's not horrible. This applies to other people's writing, too; I don't get offended by bad work as much anymore, because often as I learn things about what works and what doesn't, and that's interesting in its own right. The right kind of crap offers its own sort of pleasure.
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