David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "samson"

Dip your hands into the lion's jaws
and taste the honey sweet that bees have made.
Never let their numbers give you pause.
The enemy should be the ones afraid.
The jawbone of an ass slays many men
when wielded by an arm beloved by God.
You never thought you would go blind, but then,
this is the path your feet have always trod.
Your Lord had set you on it long ago.
Now see what happens when you step away.
You, like Jonah, wondered. Now you know.
The hair that once was lustrous, like the waves,
was stubble and was coarse beneath your hand,
when you touched it last, before the chains --
the heavy chains, and cold, that help you stand.
You made your fate, so now you can't complain.
Beneath your fingertips is roughened clay.
The pillars of a temple, false and cruel,
a pagan god, called Dagon, so men say.
Your strength has always been your only tool.
Fool you were, and fool until the end.
Blinded, crippled, soon to die. And weak:
you wish that you could see her face again.
The Philistines surround. You smell their reek.
Praise your Lord and push against the clay.
The worst has come to pass. Now there's no fear.
Delilah broke your heart, a love betrayed --
You love her still, and pray to God she's here.
Tags: a poem every day

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