David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

at long last

If I seem haggard this weekend, it's because I'm in the middle of a training course to become a certified pistol instructor. Technically, it's "Basic Pistol" and "Firearm Safety," but this course is a prerequisite for certification to teach other pistol courses. This has been a long time coming: I wanted to do this for a year, but first work intervened, then there were other issues. So today, our training counselor had about twelve people ready to learn. Interesting bunch. Demographics were not out of the ordinary for firearms-enthusiast gatherings: all men (the one woman registered couldn't make it), mostly white (one Hispanic instructor, one black student)

There was some talk about politics -- Attorney General Holder's admission that yes, the administration wants to reinstate the "assault weapons ban" (which, really, should be termed the "scary-looking normal-capacity rifles ban") has everybody really annoyed -- but mostly we focused on the business at hand. I was pretty pleased with myself at first -- in my group, I was shooting second-best in our two-handed pre-evaluation exam, and I shot the best one-handed (did better one-handed than two-hande, which surprised the hell out of me, as I rarely shoot one-handed, bullseye style). So I was pretty pleased with myself, as my crazy schedule means I haven't been able to go shooting much, and then the guy who shot in international competition stepped up. And, yeah. Long way to go, me.
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