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further developments

Um. Remember the thing I told you about that I couldn't talk about? It's a done deal. Almost. When delivery is accomplished, I'll tell you all about it.

Something else rather amazing happened tonight. I talked to a woman I'd never met, about a man I'd never known, and I found myself trying to explain just how much a man who'd died years before I was born meant to me. We talked about her husband, too, who died a year ago, and the loss of whom was as fresh as if he'd died last month. And this conversation -- I don't know how to describe the effect it's had on me. I had, with a complete stranger, an unexpected and deeply moving conversation about people we loved, her in her way and me in mine, and it's left me a bit unexpectedly shaken.

This is cryptic, I know. Sorry. But I can't talk about this yet. But this is a rare thing: usually, my emotions get the best of me in bad circumstances; they spill over when there are terrible things I can't deal with. This is different. Very different. And I honestly don't think I've ever felt quite this way before. When I can tell you, maybe I'll try to write a poem about it.
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