David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "something borrowed, something GNU"

odditycollector requested a poem about coding standards. Well, I tried.

Everyone waves banners
for their special coding standards,
so you shouldn't be surprised that we do, too.
You've read the ones for Perl
and for the Linux kernel,
so now the time has come for something GNU.

Any others are suggestions.
Unless you've the impression
that they'll make GNU much better, don't obey.
(Standard C prohibits
most extensions. That inhibits.
Avoid such silly orders like the plague.)

Don't refer to Unix source.
And always get your lawyers
to ensure that contributions are arranged --
we really need clear title.
This warning isn't idle.
Believe us, legal wrangles are a pain.

Perl and Python are okay,
but we really have to say
we prefer C, and, for extending, Guile.
Putting arbitrary limits
on data structures? We're agin' it.
But improving UNIX makes us smile.

Oh, and heaven knows
if you must write "Windows,"
Never, please, abbreviate it "win."
"Win" would mean high praise,
as you should know these days,
and doing that in GNU's a mortal sin.

It's complex, but don't hate it.
Yes, It may be complicated
but that's just what we made these standards for:
to make a better showing --
wait, where are you going?
Come back here! Don't run now! There's so much more!
Tags: a poem every day

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