David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Friday night quick thoughts

Just a quick note -- was it me, or was anybody else mildly boggled at the fact that SCC and DOLLHOUSE were both really solid episodes last night?

Not really a surprise with SCC -- it hits and misses, but when it hits it's terrific -- but DOLLHOUSE really surprised me. I was working up a post that pointed out the structural problems with the series (the biggest one: why do you have a garking huge cast if you're not going to use them?), and the show does the kind of episode I was hoping they'd do. There are still things that annoy me, not all of them unique to DOLLHOUSE, but it was a shot. And SCC, which is doing a great job with the chess game stuff, brought in some very strong action bits. The show's not trying for impressive setpieces, but they're doing some darn nice understated bits in service to the story. And there was a nice mix of guns, too! I honestly don't remember the last time I saw a Mini-14 on TV, which is odd considering how many Ruger has sold.

(I note approvingly that said Mini-14 featured the 20-round magazine. Take that, draconian California gun laws! YOUR TELEVISION CHARACTERS FLAUNT THEM.)
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