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Free Nevis!

So I found a random link to information about the island of Nevis, in the West Indies, as a place that'd be worth "Free State Projecting." If you've never heard of the "Free State Project," it was an attempt a few years ago by libertarians to move, en masse, to some state with a small population and start voting as a block for smaller government and greater liberty. Because, as you know, if there's one thing libertarians do well, it's *party unity.* The project promptly shot itself in the foot, of course: the final vote came down to New Hampshire and Wyoming, and the East Coasties who predominated in the voting picked New Hampshire. Whereupon the Wyoming faction (personalized by Kenneth W. Royce, who wrote a gloriously terrible Free State Project novel under the name "Boston T. Party"), told 'em to go screw and started their own Free State Project, which --

Y'know, it's not surprising that the Libertarians don't get anywhere, is it?

(The other problem with the Free State Project, of course, is that it depends on positively motivated ideological action, as opposed to its inverse, which is where people flee a state such as California or New York when taxes and regulation get too bothersome, settle in a less-regulated, more affordable place... and promptly vote in the kind of politicians who led 'em to flee their previous locale. Ask Colorodoans or Nevadans how they feel about their California influx.)

Anyway. Nevis. I've thought for a while that it would be quite feasible for a modestly-sized military force to seize control of an island nation or two. Frederick Forsythe famously bankrolled that attempt by mercenaries to take over Equatorial Guinea (which, to be fair, could only have been an *improvement* over that nation's government at the time), but if you're just looking to conquer territory, and you have money and men, you could pretty much take your pick of a lot of places. Especially now that the major nations who might be inclined to stop you are busy with 1) military commitments of their own and 2) economic crises. Cuba would be the Great Dream, of course, but that'd get you too much heat; an ambitious Napoleon could make a serious play for Hispaniola, though, particularly the Haitian side, and some of the smaller Caribbean islands probably would be easy conquests. And there are security companies who could probably pull it off. (C'mon, the guy who runs Blackwater -- er, I guess it's called Xe, now -- has his own *zeppelin.* Nevis only has ten thousand people. Blackwater, maybe Erinys, could take it in an afternoon.) Somebody's going to try it sometime. In a movie, if nowhere else.

I started looking at Nevis, out of curiosity, to find out what the gun laws there are like. I love America too much to leave it, but Nevis did sound like a nice vacation spot. And I saw a horrifying article:

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis - PRESIDENT of Cheryl Andrews Marketing Company (CAMC), Cheryl Andrews and her husband John appeared in the Charlestown Magistrate’s Court today (Jan. 20) following charges in relation to possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

The couple, who were charged on Thursday, January 15, was not remanded after defence attorney Oral Martin petitioned Magistrate Yasmin Clarke to allow them to make application for their case to be heard in the High Court. This will likely be made tomorrow (Wednesday).

The Andrews were arrested at their Hamilton Estate home last week after a search of the premises unearthed one .22 rifle, 323 rounds of .22 ammunition, one BB rifle, and a pack of BB pellets.

CAMC is said to be South Florida’s largest public relations firm and is recognised throughout the travel and hospitality industries. Andrews was also recognised as one among the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds” in 2007.

Good grief. I have more .22 rounds than that in my *range bag.*

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